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    Kinematic Link or Element

    Kinematic Link or Element:

    A resistant body or a assembly of resistant bodies, forming part of a machine, and having relative motion to the other connected parts, is called a kinematic link or simply a link or an element.

    So a link should have two characteristics:

    Should be a resistant body Should have relative motion [...]

    What is a rigid body?

    What is a rigid body?

    Definition of a rigid body:

    A rigid body is defined as a body on which the distance between two points never changes whatever be the force applied on it.

    Or you may say the body which does not deform under the influence of forces is known as a rigid body.


    Introduction of Kinematics of Machines

    Introduction of Kinematics of Machines

    The subject Kinematics of Machines also known as KOM is a very special course for the Mechanical Engineers. This course tells us about the distinctive features of the machines. This tells us how the machine works. In this course, we will study about the working of the machines. How [...]