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    Fundamental Concepts | Interchangeability

    Fundamental Concepts | Interchangeability:

    The greatest accomplishment of the twentieth century is said to be interchangeable part manufacture and mass production.

    Interchangeable manufacture means that any part or component picked at random from a manufactured lot should fit and function properly with any other part with which it is required to be fitted, picked at random from a lot manufactured at a different time or place even by a different worker on a different machine.

    The concept of interchangeability requires that each part or assembly going into a final product must be made to definite size, shape and finish specifications.

    The interchangeable manufacturing system is responsible to a great extent for the high standard of living enjoyed by mankind today.

    The advantages of interchangeable manufacturing include the following:

    • It makes possible the standardization of products and methods of manufacturing.
    • It provides for ease of assembly and maintenance of products.
    • It allows mass production of products thus making it possible to take advantage of economics of scale in terms of manufacturing costs and cost of raw materials etc.
    • Because of larger volume of production, specialized processes and machines can be employed thus reducing manufacturing time and cost per piece.
    • Mass production processes generally lead too more uniformity of products and better product quality with lower rejection rates.
    • Mass production enables the manufacturing setups to acquire a certain degree of specialization and skill of fabrication which again leads to better quality and lower costs.

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