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    The Manufacturing Process

    The Manufacturing Process:

    • The Manufacturing Process is the procedure followed in a plant or factory for converting raw materials or semi-finished products into finished products.
    • In order for the manufactured products to be economically competitive in the market, manufacturing must be done at the lowest possible cost with acceptable quality.
    • When the management of an industrial organization decides, on the basis of market, survey and cost estimates, that a product as designed can be profitably manufactured, the following steps are initiated for its manufacture:
      • Planning the production process and setting quality inspections.
      • Organizing the production facilities
      • Procurement, inspection and storage of raw materials and semi-finished goods.
      • Organization of the actual process of manufacture
      • Arranging for in-process handling of parts and sub-assemblies
      • Inspection of semi-finished and finished goods
    • The profitability of any production line depends upon a number of factors which must be considered carefully before making a final choice
    • The design of the product, for example, should be such that it satisfies the requirements expected of it but not more than that.
    • Specifying material properties not actually required for the job or accuracies not necessary for successful operation of the part unnecessarily increase the cost of the product without adding anything to its utility.
    • On the other hand, designing a component with an eye on aesthetics positively enhances its marketability.
    • Most parts can be made by more than one method but there is always one method that is most economical under a given set of conditions.
    • Similarly quite often the design engineer might have to make a compromise and select an overall best material based on ease of fabrication, facilities available, cost, procurement possibilities etc. instead of the one ideally suited the job.

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