Real Numbers – Revisiting Rational and Their Decimal Expansions

REVISITING RATIONAL NUMBERS AND THEIR DECIMAL EXPANSIONS : We have already studied in the previous class that rational numbers have either a terminating decimal repeating decimal expansion. We have to consider a rational number as (where ) as terminating or non-terminating repeating (or recurring) decimal expansion. e.g.     (A)    (i)    0.0527    =         (ii)    26.12489     =      (B)    (i)    0.0875    =         (ii)    23.3408    =     Now, we […]

Real Number-Revisiting Irrational Numbers

REVISITING IRRATIONAL NUMBERS : We have studied in the previous class about rational numbers as well as irrational numbers. Both are the members of the REAL NUMBERS family. We have also studied how to locate irrational numbers on the number line. Any rational number is represented by ; where whereas irrational number is represented by […]

Class 10th Mathematics – Real Numbers

Real Numbers Introduction Euclid’s Division Lemma The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic Revisiting Irrational Numbers Revisiting Rational Numbers and Their Decimal Expansions Summary INTRODUCTION : We have already studied about irrational numbers in 9th class. Now, we will study the real numbers and also about the important properties of positive integers for Euclid’s division algorithm and […]